Monsoon in Malaysia?

Posted on April 2, 2010


The forecast is for heavy rain on and off throughout the weekend in Malaysia, just like last year.

And we know how that went: cars falling off, completely unpredictable monsoon conditions, the race red flagged and an imperious drive to victory from Jenson Button.

With a similar late afternoon start, we could well be in for another wild weekend in the wet. Which makes predictions somewhat pointless but I’ll have a go anyway.

The Red Bull continues to look fragile. Webber stopped out on track today during FP2 after suffering a loss of power. And the brake manufacturer for the team has said its part was not at fault in Sebastian Vettel’s race ending accident in Australia, contrary to earlier reports. If the car holds together, Vettel is surely the favourite at the outset but there are too many niggles to contend with.

McLaren still don’t seem to have the qualifying pace so both Jenson and Lewis will be relying on events going their way to an extent. Jenson in particular seemed to be having set up issues this morning. Lewis will be fired up after the events in Melbourne so he’s going to be in the mix, especially if it’s a wet race.

Ferrari look best all round. Alonso has been building up to a performance and has been quick in practice. Massa had a poor morning but will probably do enough to keep his team mate honest tomorrow.

Early pick then: Alonso for the win, McLaren to pick up the most constructors points. I’ll revise that if it rains in qualifying!

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