Are Red Bull still out in front?

Posted on May 8, 2010


Sebastian Vettel topped the time sheets on Friday as the Red Bull squad made clear they have no intention of letting their opponents catch up.

Adrian Newey has developed a new front wing and a revised floor for the car and it’s hard to see past Vettel for the pole later this morning. He’s said the McLarens are a threat and the British team will certainly hope to be. They’ve brought big upgrades for a car which was already quick in the race but I still can’t see either Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button starting from P1 tomorrow.

Michael Schumacher finished 3rd in FP2 yesterday, comfortably clear of teammate Nico Rosberg. Mercedes have brought some radical upgrades with them, lengthening the wheel base and a very different air intake behind the driver’s head. This morning’s Qualifying might be the first occasion Schumacher beats his teammate in a racing session.

Ferrari have brought a version of the f-duct but I’m not expecting them to feature. You can never tell what Alonso will manage but it would be a surprise.

The weather looks like it might mix things up but for qualifying I would predict: Vettel, Hamilton, Webber, Schumacher, Button. In the race, Vettel, Hamilton, Button for the podium.

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