Would Bridgestone staying in Formula One after all be a good thing?

Posted on May 11, 2010


Bridgestone’s motorsport division is trying to convince the Japanese company’s board to go back on its plans to leave Formula One at the end of the season, Autosport is reporting.

The news follows lobbying from the teams for the firm to stay in the sport, despite approaches from other firms including Michelin and Avon to take on the task.

This could be both good and bad news. I’ve posted previously I believe Bridgestone is too conservative in the way it builds its tyres. We’ve not seen drivers running their tyres to the canvas because they have failed to stop in time for a long time. And under the current 2010 regulations we’re seeing drivers across the field routinely running for 40 or more laps on the same set of tyres.

But equally, Bridgestone have been a solid supplier over number of years. They’ve never let the teams down and I’m certainly very keen to see a single tyre manufacturer in the sport. The new suppliers might be keen for a contest with rivals and I think that distracts from the real racing.

What’s most clear of all is we need a rapid resolution to this situation. The teams – especially the new squads who have no hope of being competitive in 2010 – need to be designing their 2011 cars and a new supplier could make big changes to rim sizes and so on. That would have huge impact on aero development.

Bridgestone staying with regs to make the tyres more marginal seems to me to be the best option. We will see.

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