Still no agreement on tyres

Posted on May 17, 2010


The Formula One teams have still not agreed on a tyre supplier for 2011, despite expectations a decision would be made in Monaco.

Autosport is reporting Pirelli is the favoured option but that Michelin has made a competitive bid to take on the contract. It seems unlikely a tyre war is going to be started but it is unlikely a decision will be made before the Turkish Grand Prix.

The teams must crack on with this: the tyres effect almost everything about the 2011 cars. Development on the new machines is difficult without knowing what the specification of the tyres will be. It will especially hurt the new teams who can’t do much with the 2010 cars but, given time, might be able to come up with something competitive next season.

I’ve banged on about tyres a lot on this blog, but they’re crucial. Getting the tyres right, and balancing the 2011 specification with good aero changes, are what will make overtaking more possible in the sport. Bridgestone have, in my view, become too conservative in their tyre design.

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