Tyre debate still rolling on in Formula One

Posted on May 30, 2010


The Formula One team teams are still negotiating over tyres for 2011, despite being seven weekends into the season and just minutes from the Turkish Grand Prix.

Which tyres will the teams be marking up next season? Credit: Lotus Racing

Michelin has flown in for a last-minute meeting with the teams and Pirelli has been discussed as the favourite for much of the past two weeks.

Michelin boss Nick Shorrock told journalists in the paddock after a 90 minute meeting: “The objective of this morning was simply to make sure that the teams had fully understood the details of our offer.

“That is as it has always been – in line with what the company sees as the future of competition, and within the values that the company wants to respect – which is essentially of open-competition, which is being able to demonstrate the technical capability of our product and also that there is a respect for the environment.”

This is all starting to get a bit ridiculous. They’ve been negotiating for months and deal was supposed to be announced in Monaco, then here in Turkey and now it’s looking like it will be delayed a bit further.

For the race, I’m feeling better and better about Lewis Hamilton’s challenge today. Assuming he and Mark Webber can avoid a tangle – something quite possible after their earlier clashes this season – they will both finish on the podium. Hopefully it’s going to be a great race.

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