Bridgestone finally join the race to keep Formula One exciting

Posted on June 21, 2010


Bridgestone have started making serious moves to bring more marginal tyres to Grand Prix after the thriller in Canada.

The teams will have to negotiate the super soft and hard tyres at the German Grand Prix and the firm has pledged to bring more difficult tyres to races when it is safe to do so.

This is all great news and whoever wins the contract for 2011 should take note. It’s been absurd since Bahrain that the drivers could run most, or even all, of the race on one set of tyres.

Canada was exciting because we didn’t know who would have to stop when or how many times. It raises the possibility of error, both in the pits and behind the wheel.

This blog has been banging on all year about the ability of the tyre manufacturer to spice things up. Several of the pundits have too, first among them David Coulthard.

Hopefully this is not simply because Bridgestone is leaving the sport and has little to lose in Formula One. It would be an awful shame if the new supplier, assuming one is ever actually chosen, took us back to square one on this point.

Formula One is not about endurance. It’s about getting everything out of the car and the driver and the team. Nobody wants unsafe tyres but it is clearly possible to balance both sides of this equation.

The new supplier should take note.

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