Is Kubica leaning towards a stick rather than twist?

Posted on June 29, 2010


Autosport is reporting Robert Kubica is on the brink of a longer term deal with Renault, a move which would virtually lock up the driver market over this coming winter.

Robert Kubica could be ready to sign for Renault long term. Credit: Renault F1

With McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari already committed to their top drawer line ups and Mercedes showing little interest in changing, the decision would be no surprise for Kubica. He has the chance to build Renault around him and it is worth remembering it is not long since the team were winning championships.

Kubica has the talent to go far and he has been linked with teams up and down the pitlane, especially Ferrari, despite his existing deal with the French manufacturer. With Ferrari’s new commitment to Felipe Massa, Kubica has perhaps decided that door is closed for now.

Can Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton remain such close colleagues long term? Credit:

It also means there will be little significant movement on the driver’s market this year with all of the quick seats already taken. This is probably a good thing. It was manic last year, especially while Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher were floating around in the market, and the excellent rivalries we are seeing this year will only improve the longer they are allowed to ferment.

So long as the FiA don’t do anything too preposterous to the rules and Pirelli come up with a decent tyre, 2011 is already looking full of potential, even mid way through the current, very close season. Exciting times.

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