Lotus are still chasing the midfield pack hard

Posted on July 8, 2010


Lotus say they have made a decent step with their car in an effort to join the British surge at Silverstone this weekend.

Lotus have worked hard this season and deserve points in 2010. Credit: Lotus Racing

Mike Gascoyne’s machine has been progressively getting better and Jarno Trulli is lauding the latest upgrades to slash the weight of the car and boost the handling.

Lotus have been hands down the best outfit among the new teams this season and if they play their cards right they have an outside chance of points at some point this season. Hoping for it this weekend is probably a big ask but you never know.

It’s a shame this is set to be the last big aero upgrade of 2010 but with luck and reliability the team should have a chance at some point this season.

Meanwhile, Red Bull can’t get away from the questions about disunity in the camp. Mark Webber has been making very frank comments about this today.

He said: “We don’t hate each other’s guts, but it is totally natural that when you are at the front, both trying to win, there is going to be a competitive, healthy rivalry there.

“It’s not easy to have a beautiful, fuzzy, warm relationship when your team-mate is clearly a competitor — and that’s absolutely the case at McLaren.”

It’s a very honest and probably very true perspective. But all it does is ramp up the pressure and encourage Sebastian Vettel to push that bit harder. I still think this will be a Red Bull weekend.

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