Schumacher’s punishment for shoving Barrichello is right

Posted on August 1, 2010


Michael Schumacher will lose 10 places on the grid at the next race in Spa after his dangerous attempt to defend against Rubens Barrichello in Hungary.

Michael Schumacher pushed his defence too far against Rubens Barrichello. Credit: BBC

The German insisted after the race he had not done anything wrong, despite Barrichello claiming it was the most dangerous move he had seen in his long career.

But the stewards said Schumacher had “illegitimately impeded car 9 [Barrichello] during an overtaking manoeuvre”.

There is a question mark here over whether the stewards have been harsh here because it is Schumacher. But there were many in the paddock calling for a one race ban over the manoeuvre, including Lotus technical boss Mike Gascoyne on Twitter.

And it’s not like the seven time champion doesn’t have form in this area. Many of the drivers on the BBC Forum were evidently shocked at the move and Schumacher hasn’t received any support from outside his team.

The move was dangerous and deliberate. Spa has the potential to be a thriller when we come back after the summer break and it will be a shame if Schumacher is taken out of the mix. But the stewards had to act and this seems a good response.

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