Vettel will lead a Red Bull victory parade in Hungary

Posted on August 1, 2010


Everything suggests Sebastian Vettel is on a steady course to victory in Hungary later today.

Sebastian Vettel could be in for an easy day at the office. Credit: Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

The German’s qualifying performance was sensational and the only thing likely to get in the way of one his easiest Formula One victories will be if he mucks up the start again. Even then, Red Bull can feel confident Mark Webber will be ready to step up. The Adrian Newey car has come here with a ridiculous speed advantage and its getting to the point its tough to see any other team catching up before the end of the season.

The real interest today will be further down the grid. It’s a race for third place and it’s one which Ferrari should win. Against the furore of Germany, Fernando Alonso is completely non-plussed, so familiar is the Spaniard with finding himself next to these storms. The Ferrari is comfortably the second quickest car at the moment, though being 1.2 seconds of the pole time doesn’t show it.It’s certainly impossible to see Felipe Massa going past in the absence of an accident or technical failure.

Lewis Hamilton may hope he has a chance at moving up to third but it’s a tall order. His car is simply not fast enough and McLaren seem at something of a loss as to why.

It could be the apparently flexible front wing on the Red Bull, it could be the blown diffuser and the floor not being optimised, it could be simply the car doesn’t have the downforce.

What is clear is if McLaren don’t want to let the championship get away, they need to get on top of these issues and fast.

Can Kubica and his team recover from an error in qualifying? Credit: Renault F1

Hamilton could well be threatened by Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes and possibly both Renaults. Renault in particular continue to look promising and Robert Kubica would have been much further up the grid were it not for a mistake on his qualifying lap.

It’s a fairly unconventional top ten, featuring seven teams, and it’s a long way to the first corner. There could be fireworks. Which will be good, because the rest of the race looks set to be something of a Red Bull procession. I’m expecting a Vettel, Webber and Alonso podium.