Less than a week until Spa

Posted on August 20, 2010


Happily, Formula One is finally set to race back into all of our weekends and potentially with one of the most exciting Grand Prix of the year.

Mark Webber tops the standings ahead of Spa but can he stay there? Credit: Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

Spa. Who among motor racing fans doesn’t dream of shooting, flat, up Eau Rouge? It’s a wonderful corner of a spectacular track.

Last year produced a brilliant race. Giancarlo Fisichella turned the form book on its head for one race only to take the Force India to the fore, bagging himself a brief Ferrari drive in the process. Kimi Raikkonen came alive for his Ferrari swansong.

And in 2010 we arrive at Spa with five drivers separated by a handful of points. Red Bull with a rocket ship, Mclaren with a mission and a British dream team, Ferrari and Fernando Alonso driven by a need to win at any cost.

Could we ask for any more?

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