Silky smooth Hamilton back in front

Posted on September 4, 2010


Lewis Hamilton has seized back control of the 2010 Championship after a skillful and tactical drive at Spa.

McLaren have far from given up on this season. Credit:

Sadly, real life (ie the Day Job) got in the way of Coffee Powered Racing and we’re several laps down all of a sudden.

That said, it was a stellar performance by Hamilton and it should have been a great allk round showing from McLaren were it not for Vettel’s strange crash into Jenson Button. The young German has faced a lot of criticism and been dubbed the Crash Kid – which will take some time to live down.

Spa certainly lived up to expectations. A bit of rain, driver mistakes and high-level strategy led to a thriller and one of the best this year.

The standings make it look like Hamilton and Mark Webber are the only guys in it now but I don’t believe that’s the case. If the tables turn in Monza next weekend, and it’s Button, Vettel or Alonso scoring big, everything tightens up again. The best run-in for years is still very much on.

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