Hoping for rain at Formula One’s brightest race

Posted on September 25, 2010


The circus has begun under the bright lights of Singapore and Formula One is looking stunning.

The cars are all looking brilliant under the lights. Credit: McLaren.com

We’ll just have to hope the race weekend matches up. With unpredictable weather the prospects are looking good but it could take a phenomenal performance from somebody to liven up the show.

The Red Bull cars have looked very quick in the practice sessions so far, albeit not quite so far ahead as they were before the summer. Both Ferrari and McLaren are close and commitment from the drivers could be enough to close the gap on this street circuit.

Robert Kubica could certainly be a dark horse, perhaps even Rubens Barrichello in the Williams could have a crack with a good qualifying. Street circuits are only good with a bit of a random element.

It’s been a busy week in the sport: Nick Heidfeld is back in, for a start, but the story which caught my eye was Bernie Ecclestone raising his dumb idea of a medal system again.

I’m all for encouraging the drivers to win but to suggest the leading drivers have not been motivated this year would be absurd. If the medal system had been in place in 2009, Jenson Button would have won the title by June.

Changing the points this season to make wins worth more has been a big success. Mark Webber leads the title race on merit and it will take wins from any of the five leading men to seal the deal.

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