The greatest ever season?

Posted on November 21, 2010


Have we just witnessed the greatest ever season in Formula One?

Red Bull Racing have made 2010 a stunning year for Formula One. Credit: Red Bull Racing/Getty

I’m sitting here watching the BBC’s excellent season review programme from Saturday afternoon and they make a good case.

It’s been a thrilling, five-horse race and certainly little in the modern era I have memories of which stands up to it. For much of the past decade, the dominance of Ferrari and then Renault, briefly, took much of the suspense away.

But the regulation change for 2009, with another big step this year, shook up everything. It’s been magical.

It’s given Red Bull the chance to fulfill their potential, a story almost as brilliant as Brawn winning from nowhere in 2009.

And there’s been some classic individual races, with Canada and Turkey standing out.

What’s really exciting is the prospect of it being even better next season. Bringing in Pirelli should be another good shake up for the cars and there will more champions on the grid than ever before.

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