Ferrari fire up the first of the 2011 contenders

Posted on January 28, 2011


Ferrari have taken the drapes off their new car, the F150.

Alonso rolls out of the garage for the F150's shakedown at Maranello. Credit: Ferrari

The Italian legends have fired the starting gun on the 2011 season with a media launch and Fernando Alonso has taken it out for a shakedown.

The Spaniard will have every Ferrari resource at his disposal to challenge for the title this year and he is already talking up his chances.

Alonso said today: “So I think I will feel more confident with this year’s car. I will feel more comfortable driving the car, it will be more predictable to me.

“And I know the team now – I know the people, I know the guys, I know the names of all my mechanics, something that was not the case in Bahrain last year. So that will also help.

“Last year I didn’t have the numbers of these guys [Ferrari designers] but now I do so I call them every two days to put some pressure on. Hopefully we’ll see in Valencia if that pressure helped or if it was the wrong pressure…”

The person I would not want to be today is Felipe Massa. He had a poor 2010 after returning from injury and I see little reason to believe he has the slightest chance to impose himself on Alonso.

There is no real way to predict how it will work out. Even the first test will reveal little about the relative pace of the top teams. The sheer pace of the Red Bull at the end of last season means they must start favourite but the result is really anybody’s guess.

But we are underway even before the trucks arriving for testing in Valencia.

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