McLaren unveil the last of the front runners

Posted on February 5, 2011


McLaren have unveiled the final of the likely front runners ahead of the new Formula One season.

McLaren launch the MP4-26 in Berlin. Credit: F1 Fanatic

The MP4-26 is certainly a radical looking machine, with two air intakes over the roll hoop and extreme looking side pods.

It’s all in the name of trying to claw back down force lost by the banning of the double diffuser and the teams will all have come up with ways of doing it.

We know the Lotus Renault has the front facing exhausts, while the Red Bull is strikingly sculpted. The second test will see some more performance focussed work which might give us some insight.

But chances are there will be new innovations on the grid in Bahrain which we won’t see until very late on in testing.

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