Vettel and Red Bull to enter the ring together until 2014

Posted on March 14, 2011


The formidable partnership of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel is set to continue until 2014 after the young German signed a new contract extension.

Will Red Bull and Vettel become unbeatable together? Credit: Red Bull/Getty

The reigning world champion has added two years to his deal ending for the moment any speculation he could be off to Ferrari.

With Adrian Newey designing the cars and Vettel only likely to improve as he matures the challenge is going to be for everyone else to try and keep up.

They have the potential to become unbeatable together and it’s hard to see Vettel slipping backwards, someone else will have to overtake.

It is possible we could be entering a new era of domination and certainly this year the only clear challenge looking to be coming from Maranello.

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