Red Bull front wing flies back into the Formula One bulletins

Posted on April 7, 2011


The Red Bull front wing is back in the Formula One headlines tonight following the first round of press conferences in Malaysia.

Red Bull has a legal - and very fast - front wing, whether McLaren like it or not. Credit: Red Bull/Getty

An obviously frustrated Christian Horner told journalists the other teams should spend less time focusing on his team and more on their own performance.

Horner hit out after McLaren raised questions about how low to the ground the wing on the RB7 runs at speed – mirroring debates which occupied much of the 2010 season.

Horner said: “Right, shall I explain it in very basic words how it works.

“McLaren have developed a car that has a very low rear ride height, and therefore a low front wing for them doesn’t work. We run quite a high rake angle in our car, so inevitably when the rear of the car is higher, the front of the car is going to be lower to the ground.

“It is obvious science, and therefore our wing complies fully with the regulations. It will look lower to the ground because the rake in our car is higher. It is simple mathematics.”

It’s easy to see why Red Bull are a little frustrated. The legality of the wing was raised at almost every race last year but it has passed every test the FiA has thrown at it – including tests which were toughened up specially for the purpose.

There’s no doubting the RB7 wing is a clever solution and it’s part of a very fast package. But it’s also clear it’s within the rules. Trying to slow Red Bull down isn’t going to help anyone else catch up.

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