What is wrong with Michael Schumacher?

Posted on May 10, 2011


For the first time since his comeback began last season, I’m beginning to seriously believe Michael Schumacher will neither complete nor make a success of it.

Something is not right with Michael Schumacher. Credit: Mercedes GP

After yet another frustrating race in Turkey, he told the media he was not getting the “big joy” from racing – surely the only reason he came back to start with.

And Mercedes have today put out a statement saying they fully back the seven time world champion, which is never a good sign.

The Schumacher we are seeing race in, race out is a shadow of his former self. There are flashes, occasionally, of the champion he was. But the overall impression is sadly of a giant of the sport passed his best. He’s being battered by his team mate Nico Rosberg almost every weekend, something which has never happened to him before.

His race in Turkey completely typical. An under par qualifying performace, with a mistake, left him well behind team mate Rosberg on the grid. Then, in the race, he ran another demolition derby. The collision with Vitaly Petrov early on was simply a poor error, which destroyed his race, and one we would never have expected from the Schumacher of old.

Schumacher is arguably the greatest driver of all time and certainly the most successful. The statistics do not lie. He brought a revolution to Ferrari and ensured the team were virtually unbeatable in the first half of the last decade.

But it’s just not there any more.

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