It’s time to end the debate on Bahrain Grand Prix

Posted on May 22, 2011


For reasons which continue to baffle me, efforts continue to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix with the current proposals imagine India being bumped to December 4.

There is no need to visit Bahrain this year. Credit: Force India

Logistically, having Bahrain on October 30 is seen as a straightforward link to Abu Dhabi and I’m sure that’s true. But why the insistence on having the race at all?

The postponement was made for very good reasons and if the Bahraini government had not taken the decision it seems pretty clear many teams and top broadcasters would have forced the issue.

Formula One does not need the Bahrain Grand Prix. There will be 19 races this season and by the time everyone rolls up in Brazil I don’t think anyone will be keen for a 20th.

Ross Brawn has come out this morning and said he does not believe it is reasonable to run the season into the first week of December and he’s right. There’s only so long it is sensible to be flying the teams around the world before they crack on with building and testing the 2012 cars. Formula One can’t compete 12 months of the year.

The final decision should have been made long ago and Formula One should be going to Bahrain in 2011.

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