Team Lotus wins right to race under Lotus name

Posted on May 28, 2011


Team Lotus has been told by the High Court it can stay Team Lotus, for the moment anyway, and I for one am pleased.

Team Lotus get to stay Team Lotus. Credit: Team Lotus

The outfit created and run by Tony Fernandes and Mike Gascoyne have brought a lot to the grid since their baptism of fire as one of 2010’s new teams.

Group Lotus have indicated they will be appealing yesterday’s decision but, with luck, the significant legal action is over on this case.

Yes, it is a little confusing to have Team Lotus and Lotus Renault GP on the grid. But is anyone really being led astray? The Renault team is a very different, often front running team to the backmarker.

I’m sure the marketing folks in both teams are less than delighted but it’s what they’ve got. I imagine Fernandes will do something to bring the Caterham brand in at some point which will help the separation.

I’d love to see the teams going head to head on the track in a proper fight. The updates being brought to the Team Lotus are moving them forward into the midfield – Williams are close and Toro Rosso not much further ahead.

Seeing the green and yellow cars fighting over the same piece of track as the black and gold would be great television.

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