Newey frustrated at rule changes ahead of Silverstone race

Posted on July 6, 2011


Adrian Newey is in the media today saying he fears Red Bull will be hurt most by the changes to the rules on blown diffusers due to come into force this weekend at Silverstone.

It's easy to see why Newey might be frustrated with a change in the rules. Credit: Red Bull/Getty

He said similar on the BBC F1 Forum after the Valencia race. The problem is the RB7 was designed around the principle, while other teams had to engineer it on to existing cars.

Essentially what is being outlawed is the practice of allowing the engine to blow exhaust gases into the diffusers, even when the driver is off the throttle. This offers dramatic improvements to downforce and, consequently, lap time.

All of the cars will likely be a little slower this weekend but if Red Bull is hit hardest it could open the door to McLaren or Ferrari.

It’s easy to see why Newey would be frustrated. The method has been legal so far and the goal posts are being moved mid-season. I imagine Red Bull feel they are being penalised for being clever.

But as a fan, I’d love to see the field close up. We don’t want Vettel to have the season sewn up in September when we’re racing until late November.

Sometimes, though, that’s the way it goes. Brawn was allowed to keep its double diffuser until the end of the 2009 season and last year McLaren got to keep the f-duct. It’s the inconsistent rulings which are the problem.

Despite the change, I still think the RB7 will be the fastest car this weekend and I would still expect Vettel to take the win. Red Bull are just that quick this year.

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