Kubica insists he will be back and on form in 2012

Posted on July 14, 2011


Robert Kubica has insisted he will be back on the grid next season after recovering from the horrific injuries he suffered in a rally accident in February.

Kubica has said he is recovering fast and heading back to the grid. Credit: Lotus Renault GP

In an interview on the Lotus Renault website, the Pole said he felt he would be as sharp as ever when he returned to the track at 2012 testing.

Updating fans on his condition, Kubica said he was now able to walk unaided, had returned to a normal weight and was experiencing no complications in the rehabilitation of his arm. He told the interviewer he expected to be “back exactly the way I was”.

Asked if he would be back on the grid – and whether he could challenge for the 2012 title – Kubica said: “Yes to the first question. For [the] second question, we will have to wait until the first test in 2012!”

And he added: “I am satisfied with how things are proceeding. The improvement is in line with the expectations, and luckily there are no complications that could affect the recovery time. It is still too early to have a clear picture for the timing of my return but the important thing is the final outcome not the hurry.

“You never forget how to ride a bicycle. There is nothing I need in that sense, I enjoy playing videogames as I always did and that’s it.”

It’s reassuring to hear the optimism from Kubica. His reported injuries sounded truly horrific and time will still tell whether or not the rehabilitation will allow him to get back the fine motor skills required to drive a Formula One car.

Kubica has been missed on the grid this year. Renault got off to a flying start with two early podiums but they have dropped back ever since. It’s impossible to know what impact Kubica might have had on the team’s development and whether he could have outperformed his car. But he’s in a different class to Nick Heidfeld and Vitaly Petrov and Renault need him badly.

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