Coffee Powered Racing is on the starting grid for a motorsport blogging prize!

Posted on August 1, 2011


Coffee Powered Racing has been nominated for a prize of best motorsport blog by a website called Long Life Exhausts.

My blog has been running as a hobby since the start of the 2010 season and I’ve really enjoyed writing it. It’s a project I work on in my spare time and I can’t always give it the time I might like. But my traffic levels have been slowly and steadily growing and it has been great to delve a bit deeper into the sport.

But I never expected to be highlighted as an example. There are lots of brilliant bloggers out there and I enjoy reading many of them.

Nevertheless, on the shortlist I am, alongside 29 other blogs. Some of them are well known, many were new to me. I’ll look forward to exploring some of the nominees.

I don’t really expect to win but it would be brilliant to put in a good showing. It takes just a couple of seconds to vote.

The link to vote is here

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