Vettel coasts to easy win in Monza to tighten his grip on the title

Posted on September 11, 2011


Sebastian Vettel claimed one of the most straightforward victories of his career in Monza cantering home more than 10 seconds ahead of Jenson Button.

Vettel will enjoy celebrating his second title as Formula One 2011 leaves Europe. Credit: Red Bull/Getty

The champion elect is 112 points clear at the top of the table and looked every inch the champion today. After losing the lead off the line, he pulled a magnificent move on Fernando Alonso before running and hiding. In the latter stages Vettel was more than 16 seconds clear and he coasted to the flag.

The highlight of the race was a gripping battle between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher in the middle stages of the race. The seven time champion kept the young pretender at bay for lap after lap. Schumacher’s Mercedes had remarkable straight line speed and he frustrated Hamilton by driving the largest car on the track.

Schumacher will probably get a degree of criticism for some of his defensive driving, appearing to make more than one move in defence on a couple of occasions. But while it was strong, I think it was fair. Schumacher is driving as well as he has during the comeback and if the car was available, I think he would challenge for honours.

A big first corner accident, caused by Liuzzi’s HRT crashing through the field sideways at the first corner, opened a race with unusually high attrition. Just 15 cars from the 24 starters were classified – with Heikki Kovalaleinen claiming 13th for Team Lotus, helping Tony Fernandes’ team edge closer to securing tenth in the constructor’s championship.

Formula One 2011 leaves Europe with both titles effectively decided and the Red Bull as fast as ever. Vettel is almost unbeatable at the moment and could claim the title in two weeks time. We can only hope for some good races on the German’s victory tour of the final six Grand Prix.

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