We’re back and Vettel is the champion who can’t stop winning

Posted on November 13, 2011


Well. It’s been a pretty long couple of months. Since the Italian Grand Prix in September, I’ve changed jobs, moved from Aberdeen to London and sadly seen Formula One pass me by in a blur. I never did see every lap of either Japan or India. It’s meant no blogging for me! But no more.

We're back and vettel has fulfilled the inevitable. Credit: Red Bull/Getty

Since then, Sebastian Vettel has coasted to his second title, Lewis Hamilton’s year has got even worse and Fota looks like it is slipping gently towards reintroducing political troubles to the sport.

I suspect part of the reason Formula One has slipped off my radar is the season has, to my mind, fizzled out. We had such an explosive start, with sensational race following sensational race. Nobody knew what to do with the tyres and, even with Vettel ultimately winning almost everything, we saw some titanic performances. But the last truly scintillating moment I can recall was Mark Webber passing Fernando Alonso on the inside of Eau Rouge at Spa.

Maybe it’s because the entire pitlane is already looking at 2012. It’s shaping up to be special with, hopefully, the banning of the exhaust blown diffusers set to close up the field. McLaren are finishing the year strongly and if Jenson Button can claim another victory he can probably claim second place in the championship – a remarkable result given Red Bull’s dominance.

So, in half an hour or so we will race off into the twilight in Abu Dhabi. The chances of it being a classic aren’t good: it’s a spectacular place but a poor circuit. But it’s not the last of the season and hopefully Brazil in a couple of weeks will the sport explode off the scene.

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