Australia is a great season opener – and should stay that way

Posted on March 1, 2012


Australia should stay on the Formula One calendar, despite what Bernie Ecclestone is quoted as saying tonight.

Australia is a classic. Credit Mercedes GP.

Reportedly, the F1 supremo is saying the organisers need to install floodlights to push the race into European prime time.

He’s wrong. As entertaining and spectacular as Singapore and particularly Abu Dhabi are, the race in Melbourne Park has become a traditional season opener. I for one look forward to getting up at the absurd hour each year to see the new cars hit the track in anger for the first time.

There is something curiously exciting about setting the alarm for 4am or 5am. It’s never pleasant – but nothing a stiff coffee, two breakfasts and a cracking race can’t fix. I’ll be up super early for the Badger GP breakfast bash this year!

On a calendar which features ever more purpose-built, totally safe and often dull tracks, Albert Park is special. Most years it stands out among Montreal, Silverstone, Monaco and Sau Paulo.

Getting up before breakfast is more than worth it. Leave well alone, Bernie – we love it.

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