About Coffee Powered Racing

Coffee Powered Racing came about just ahead of the 2010 season, born out of an ambition to engage more with Formula One and write something new.

Eighty odd posts later, the blog is still alive. A few bumpy weeks mid-season when real life meant I was missing live coverage of race weekends weren’t brilliant but on the whole, it was fun to do.

So here we are, on the brink of the 2011 season. This is now the second version of Coffee Powered Racing after a facelift. And we have yet another champion on the grid, fresh regulation changes and new Pirelli tyres to shake up the mix on the track. It should be one hell of a ride!

In real life, I cover politics for a local newspaper in Aberdeen – for more on that visit my CV site at timsculthorpe.wordpress.com.

As the blog title rather implies, I only really get through the day drinking copious amounts of black coffee. It’s magical stuff.

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