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Is Formula One suddenly too complicated? Not a chance.

April 12, 2011


The thrilling Malaysian Grand Prix has left some asking if Formula One has suddenly gone too far in pandering to calls to spice up the show. It’s been suggested the addition of DRS and KERS plus the introduction of fast degrading Pirelli tyres has made the sport too complicated, with the 50+ pit stops and […]

Final Formula One test set to reveal more about Pirelli tyres

March 7, 2011


Pirelli have said this week’s test will give a clear indication as to whether teams will stop twice or three times in Grand Prix this year. Just the hard and soft tyres are available to the teams, who will all test four of the next five days in Barcelona. The tyres are the same as […]

Tyre strategy is key today – and key for 2011 too

July 25, 2010


Bridgestone are anticipating an exciting tyre race this afternoon and it’s important they are proved right. For the first time, they have deliberately brought rubber which is two grades apart – the super soft and hard – in an effort to spice up the racing and make things more exciting. We saw this in Canada […]

Lots of useful news ahead of the Valencia Grand Prix

June 25, 2010


Formula One has had a busy week, which is good news ahead of what is likely to be a dull weekend of racing. Valencia has never produced a decent race and there’s little to suggest it will this weekend. It’s presumably a decent enough cash cow for Bernie but that’s not a good reason to […]

Bridgestone finally join the race to keep Formula One exciting

June 21, 2010


Bridgestone have started making serious moves to bring more marginal tyres to Grand Prix after the thriller in Canada. The teams will have to negotiate the super soft and hard tyres at the German Grand Prix and the firm has pledged to bring more difficult tyres to races when it is safe to do so. […]

Tyre debate still rolling on in Formula One

May 30, 2010


The Formula One team teams are still negotiating over tyres for 2011, despite being seven weekends into the season and just minutes from the Turkish Grand Prix. Michelin has flown in for a last-minute meeting with the teams and Pirelli has been discussed as the favourite for much of the past two weeks. Michelin boss […]

Still no agreement on tyres

May 17, 2010


The Formula One teams have still not agreed on a tyre supplier for 2011, despite expectations a decision would be made in Monaco. Autosport is reporting Pirelli is the favoured option but that Michelin has made a competitive bid to take on the contract. It seems unlikely a tyre war is going to be started […]